A trip to the seaside..  

The around around Madilina House is culturally rich with the many monuments that dot the countryside. For the history buffs there are the ancient Jewish Synagogue in Paravoor and Chendamangalam, the palace of the Paliyam family to the churches of Paravoor where St Thomas is said to have baptised the first christians and one of the oldest mosques in Southern India. 

The country roads around the village offer excellent opportunities to explore local life. This local experience is really special as you get to see the way of life first hand, a local teashop, ancient village markets, local arts and crafts, a handloom unit are some of few stops along the way. The area is known for its scenic beauty and the palm fringed shores dot with the chinese nets. You can stop to see how this contraption works, maybe even try your hand at pulling one up. You finish off at the Cherai Beach. You could do the journey on either cycles or on private tuk-tuks. 

You finish at the Chilli Out Resto-Café, right on the beach. Chilli Out is a sister concern of Madilina House and guests from Madilina get the choice seat and that little bit extra attention. If you arrive early at the cafe you could go for a dip in the Arabian Sea. We have facilities for shower and change for our guests at the cafe. It's a great spot to enjoy the sea and the sunsets here are spectacular. For those of you who wish to stay on for dinner you could avail of the shuttle service provided for guests staying at the Madilina House.


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